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Greece Architecture

Generally characterized by its simplicity in forms and colors. Greece offers a lot picturesque islands and mountainous districts where architecture is everywhere in the towns, in the small harbors and in the small villages. Greece architecture styles usually have small façades with basic openings. This is doors and a couple of windows.

The 66STEP architecture shares these characteristics. Greece architecture proposes also mostly cubic forms which is one of its most characteristic elements. In addition, Greece architecture adopts small openings. Greece architecture also widely uses white colors, grey colors, blue colors etc. In the 66STEP projects, this has been taken respectfully into account. Other colors are also usual to see at Greece architecture, however on 66STEP projects there has been a minimized usage of this color palette.

Athens and Thessaloniki are well known Greek cities and Crete, Rhodes and Mykonos are well known Greek islands. Greece architecture has managed to preserve these elements up to this day. In Athens, close to the traditional Anafiotika district, houses are built and decorated in the traditional Cycladic style. This includes tiled roofs, ochre washed walls and blue-painted doors and window frames and shutters.

Ancient Greek architecture is well known by its formalized elements, not only on structure but on decoration as well. This is quite characteristic in the case of temples where a building has to be conceived as a sculpture allocated in the landscape. Marble material has been widely used in the ancient Greece architecture.