The project deals with a minute bar on the first floor of a small building by the seafront. The bar itself consists of a small sitting area and a bathroom, while on the exterior it offers a large veranda with a view to the sea. The interior space relates to the exterior space with the use a tri-fold wooden door and an enlarged window. The access to the bar is through an open U-shaped staircase situated on the aside aspect of the building that goes up to the first floor veranda.

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Paros renovation and generally Cycladic architecture is well-known for its simplicity in forms and colors.

Paros island is a picturesque Cycladic island and Paros renovation is everywhere on the island. In the towns, in the small harbors and in the small villages. A lot of traditional residences that abide by the Paros architecture style have just a small façade with basic opening. This is a door and a couple of windows.
The R-residence, the M-residence and The permeable house share these characteristics. Paros architecture proposes also cubic forms which is one of its most characteristic elements. The R-residence has been a very old parian residence and it assimilates all these characteristics. Paros architecture adopts small openings, which most of times are just a little wider than one meter. Paros renovation also widely uses white colors, grey colors etc. In the R-residence project, this is the most focused element.
In addition Cyclades share most of these characteristics of Paros architecture. Mykonos and Naxos are well known Cycladic islands. The Cycladic islands have small towns and small harbors that share these characteristics of small openings and small cubic volumes.
Paros architecture has managed to preserve these elements up to this day. Paros architecture offers quite common typological elements as Mykonos, Naxos and other Cycladic islands.